Frequently Asked Questions

All the courses on Bilgeİş portal, were completely designed online. However, we will have some surprises and awards for our participants who follow our courses, contribute to raise awareness on the project and let it be used effectively and have the self-development opportunity at the same time. Please do not forget to visit the news link in order to be aware of these matters. Besides, you can follow our project through our social media accounts.

Aiming to support self-development of employees in their restricted leisure time, the courses are generally designed for periods of one or two hours. There are different components with the course such as lessons to be followed up, homework, exercises and questions. These components are separated. According to your leisure time, you can complete the courses by taking these components in different days and at different times. On the other hand, learning something new and self-development both takes time and gets you make an effort. As Bilgeİş portal, we aim to offer you the necessary infrastructure for you to achieve this.

There are around 100 training courses on the portal widely ranging from three dimensional modelling to customer relations, from stress handling techniques to drones. In order to search for these courses, you can use the search engine on the portal.

Of course. If you complete one of the courses provided on the portal, you will automatically receive a participation certificate prepared on your behalf.

Courses on the portal were designed for both employees and owners of SMEs considering different scales of SMEs. Besides, these courses are open for everyone who would like to learn something new. If you are an owner of a SME, you can encourage your employees to benefit from the courses given on the portal. Furthermore, you can develop yourself by receiving courses which will contribute to your business in terms of information and communication technologies. We would be very glad if you contribute to enhancement of information exchange by informing your colleagues and friends about this portal.

Yes. Bilgeİş, is a project funded by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey. Courses prepared within the scope of this project are offered free of charge as open course material through the portal.